Whitfield Gallery was conceived in 2004 in San Miguel de Allende in the central plateau of Mexico. Since then the gallery has had quite an evolution from representing many artists to concentrating on only a few with an emphasis on Michael French and Francois Chartier. Whitfield gallery curated many exhibitions in San Miguel but since 2007, we turned our attention to curating more international exhibitions, working in conjuction with Michael French.

In 2007, Michael had a major exhibition in the Kinsman Robinson gallery in Toronto. In the fall of 2008 we helped mount a major retrospective exhibition in the Forbes Magazine Galleries and Museum on Fifth Avenue, New York. This exhibition was very well attended by many notable collectors and celebrities. Christopher Forbes (kip) has been Michael's patron in New York since the beginning of the 90's and to date has acquired fifteen of Michael's works and gave one to HRH Prince Charles. The exhibition at the Forbes Galleries led to some major commissions in the New York area and abroad. In 2009, the Kinsman Robinson Gallery had an even larger exhibition of Michael's paintings than the 2007 exhibition.

At Whitfield Gallery, we have many of Michael's *giclees from these past three exhibitions in New York and Toronto. The giclees are of the highest quality printed with pigmented inks on acid free paper mounted on panels and varnished by Michael with the same varnish that he uses on his original oil and acrylic paintings. He individually numbers and signs every giclee in small limited editions.

Whitfield Gallery has had extensive experience in helping collectors with their acquisitions for their collections and in working with designers and decorators with special giclee editions and original paintings.

Michael's original paintings can be found at the Kinsman Robinson Gallery in Yorkville, Toronto and Whitfield gallery is the sole wholesale distributor of Michael's giclees. We offer original paintings and editions of other artists' work, including one of our favorites, Francois Chartier.


*What is a giclee?

The giclee is simply the very best method of reproducing fine art. It is printed on archival acid free canvas with pigmented inks (not dyes) like those the artist paints with.

Then the gilcee is printed one at a time and varnished with the same varnish an artist uses on their oil or acrylic paintings.

Finally the giclee is signed and numbered by the artist.